"Mission Statement"

Having experienced the grace of God ourselves, we recognize our mission to bring others to an experience of God's love and grace, thus, encouraging them to be leaders for Christ. Through strong team formation and through generous service by Cursillistas, we will offer the Cursillo process of renewal. We will strive to attract candidates who are potential leaders for Christ by a strong sponsorship program. Ultreyas and sponsor's hour will serve to strengthen and encourage good sponsorship. Perseverance in our mission will be secured through involvement in the small group reunions and ultreyas.

Cursillo Application & Sponsorship Forms

All Candidates wishing to make a Cursillo have a “Sponsor” who serves as a helpful steward.

The application form contains two parts: one for the Candidate and the other for the Sponsor.  BOTH forms are required for registering as a Candidate for Cursillo.

Application & Sponsor Form (PDF)  Application & Sponsor Form (Word)

Upcoming Cursillo Weekends

Men’s Cursillo

#1150 Mar 15-18 2018
#TBD Sep 20-23 2018

Women’s Cursillo

#1153 Apr 19-22 2018
#TBD Oct 25-28 2018

Prison Cursillo

#1146 Nov 17-19 2017


Upcoming Ultreya Schedule for 2017

Direct any questions to:
Elizabeth Saelens elizabethsaelens@hotmail.com

Saturday November 18th, 2017
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church 

Theme: “Thanks Be to God”
Time: 4:30 PM

Celebrant: Fr. Peter Zorjan
Clergy Speaker: Deacon Matt Levy
Lay Speaker: Sydney Kilcoin
Host Couple: TBD