From Cursillo & Beyond

From Cursillo and beyond is designed to hopefully rekindle the spirit and feeling we experienced on our original Cursillo weekend.

It will start on June 23, 2017 Friday night at 6:15 PM with registration and check-in and go through mid-afternoon on Sunday. We will plan on ending Friday and Saturday nights by 9:30 PM so you can get home and get a good nights rest. Saturday and Sunday will begin at 8:00 AM with a short continental breakfast.

There will be a lot packed into our weekend so please be prompt on arriving in the mornings.

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The weekend will include:

  • Meditations
  • Talks
    • Your Ideal in your 4th Day
    • Sanctifying/Actual Grace given by a layperson
    • Piety in your 4th Day
    • Study in your 4th Day
    • Action in your 4th Day
    • How Sacraments help us in our 4th Day walk given by a layperson
    • Your Environment in your 4th Day
    • Your 4th Day Christian Community in Action
    • From Cursillo & Beyond
  • Discussions
  • Reflection time
  • Mass
  • A Chance for Reconciliation
  • Food will scaled down somewhat but be of the normal Cursillo standard

Our goal is that when you complete the weekend you will see your Cursillo experience in a new light. It will provide you with more tools and methods to live your Cursillo in A Life in Grace, living your life as a true child of God. The weekend will hopefully take you out of your busy environment and give you 2 plus days to reconnect with God.