Upcoming Ultreya Schedule for 2019

Direct any questions to:
Katie Morganor or Andrea Schipper

March  Ultreya
March 9th, 2019
Christ the King Catholic Church
7:30 pm followed by Mass, Apostolic Hour, and Social
*** Cursillista’s Only – No Guests ***

Celebrant: Fr. Jean deDieu Ahorloo
Clergy Speaker: Fr. Nicholas Akindele (Davenport IA)
Lay Speaker: Jim Catour (East Moline, IL)
Host Couple: Tim & Debbie DeBlaey (Moline IL)

Snacks for the Social Hour can be dropped off at the Gym/Kitchen doors anytime on Friday or Saturday of Cursillo weekend.

The food should be CLEARLY marked that it is for the Saturday Night Social.

Next Ultreya is: April 6th, 2019